Emily Massey

Partner – Communications

Emily Massey Scala, strategic communications professional, resides in Washington. D.C.

Emily is a skilled communicator and marketer. She has worked extensively over the years at the intersection of public policy, public relations and politics in Washington, D.C. She has experience navigating the most difficult media environments, driving strategic communication goals and tactics, leading crisis management at the local, state, and national level while being a trusted advisor to multiple cabinet secretaries and directors.

She was named and currently serves as a Senior Fellow at the McCrary Institute at Auburn University. Additionally, Emily has received various awards at the highest levels from the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of Director of National Intelligence.

Emily graduated from Clemson University with a Master of Arts in Communication Studies, and received her Master of Arts in Strategic Communication from American University.

Email: emscala@continentalstrategy.com

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