Gangul Gabadage, Continental Strategy

Gangul Gabadage

Director - Healthcare Practice Group

Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs at the Florida Department of Health

Director of Executive Appointments at the Florida Department of Health

Gangul Gabadage serves as the Director of the Healthcare Practice Group at Continental Strategy, he brings a unique blend of legislative acumen, strategic insight, and deep knowledge of the healthcare landscape to his role.

Gangul’s career in healthcare policy began with his involvement at the Florida Department of Health, serving in several capacities that allowed him to advance into his pivotal role as Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs. As a deputy director, he played a crucial role in shaping and implementing healthcare policies and initiatives that directly impacted the health and well-being of Florida’s residents. His dedication and expertise led to significant advancements in healthcare access and delivery within the state. 

Additionally, his extensive legislative experience extends beyond the state level. He has worked in both chambers of the United States Congress, serving as a valuable resource for lawmakers in Washington, D.C. Notably, he provided his expertise to Senator Marco Rubio of the U.S. Senate and Congressman Charlie Crist of the U.S. House of Representatives. 

Before his federal roles, Gangul worked as legislative staff in the Florida Senate, gaining valuable insights into the intricacies of state-level policymaking. His experience navigating the legislative process at both the state and federal levels has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in policy.

Gangul Gabadage’s dedication to improving healthcare access, quality, and affordability, combined with his legislative prowess, has positioned him as a respected leader in the healthcare policy arena. His commitment to shaping effective healthcare solutions continues to drive positive change, benefiting communities, organizations, and individuals alike.

Gangul holds a degree in International Affairs and Political Science from Florida State University.



Florida State University, International Affairs and Political Science


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